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Round 10: MEL vs COLL Live Quarter-by Quarter

  • Round 10: MEL vs COLL Live Quarter-by Quarter

G'day folks, and welcome to my Queen's Birthday AFL game article.  

Today we will see the Melbourne Demons taking on the Collingwood Magpies.  I will be watching the game live and providing my insight on both teams, what's going right and what's going wrong, to the best of my ability.

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Before I begin, I ask you to take note that I don't follow either of these sides, so sometimes I may muck up players' names.  I will be heavily relying on the Fox Footy commentary team to fill in the blanks for me, unless an action is supremely spectacular, in which case I will look up the players' name.  Also, look for edits after I have posted this, as I may or may not add in some images or videos if there's some good plays throughout the day.

Without further ado, here we go!


-Unfortunate fumble from Seedsman there, if he had a bit of control he could have released someone down the wing to push it to half forward.

-Wonderful one-handed grab from Cloke, now to see if he can slot it home.  He does, and it's the first goal of the day to Collingwood.

-Bad shank from Elliot into the forward 50, and it only results in a turnover to the Dees.

-Fasolo found a gaping hole in the Melbourne defense, but can't make them pay for it, spraying it across the face for a behind.

-Williams gives Howe far too much room only 25 metres out, and he kicks the goal for Melbourne's first.

-Hogan drops the mark, but Howe is waiting at ground level, snaps from 40 metres out and kicks his second in as many minutes.

-Good grab by Cloke from a kick-in, good defensive mark over the pack just outside the 50.

-Pendlebury rushes a snap kick forward, and Cloke is there to take the contested chest mark in the goal square.  He kicks his second and the 'Pies lead by 6.

-Gawn takes a good defensive pack mark to ease the pressure for a few seconds, there must have been at least 5 guys in that pack.

-A brilliant running goal from Collingwood, about a 20 second turn-around from defensive 50 to the Swan goal.  Good running by Varcoe through the middle, but it never should have got there, Melbourne had a great chance at their end.

-Another good grab over the top by Cloke, from what I've heard, he's improved on his early season form.  He goes back and kicks another one, making it 3 goals from 4 marks.

-Wow!  Vandenburg wastes an opportunity to kick the Dee's third, and some great defensive work by Collingwood left Cloke inside the forward 50 by himself, and he kicks his fourth of the first quarter.

-A horrible turnover by Melbourne gives Seedsman a shot at goal.  He puts it through and it's 30 points to the Magpies.

-Jesse Hogan gets front spot and takes a solid chest mark inside 50.  He kicks it and it stops the bleeding of goals against the Dee's.

-Brayshaw drops the mark, but his second effort ends up in a free kick for the Demons.  Not enough time though, and at quarter time, it's 24 points to Collingwood.


-Howe goes up, but can't bring it down, and the crumbers feed it out to Jones.  He kicks the goal, and it's a good start to the Demons in the first 33 seconds.

-After an indecisive moment on the wing for Jetta, Melbourne push the ball forward and Brayshaw kick Melbourne's second unanswered goal for the quarter.  13 points to the 'Pies.

-Jones kicks another one from a free kick, and the Demons are making a great early comeback.

-Pendlebury gets a clever handball over the top to Broomhead, but his kick ends up in a turnover on the edge of the 50.

-Garlett has the ball passed over top, and he beats Toovey in the foot race.  A goal to Garlett makes it a one point game!

-Garlett has ANOTHER ball put over top, this time it's not a foot race.  Garlett goes to ground, but only briefly as Toovey goes to ground and stays there too long.  Garlett kicks his second and Melbourne has hit the lead.

-After winning an on-the-full call, Broomhead kick a good goal from the pocket after improving his angle.  That stops the run of 6 in a row to Melbourne, and Collingwood get themselves back in the lead for now.

-A throw-in in Melbourne's forward 50 falls to the crumbers, Bernie Vince gets clear and snaps the ball through.  Collingwood's lead was short lived, 5 points to Melbourne.

-Swan just slaps it on the boot, and it falls to Elliot at the back of the back near the top of the goal square.  He kicks the goal, and no-one seems to want to hold onto this lead!

-Jones has had a great quarter, both offensively and defensively.  I can see why they made him captain.

-Demons looked very messy at the back for a minute there, but so far it hasn't been punished.

-Lumamba falls asleep for a few seconds, and Elliot runs down the boundary line and makes him pay.  8 points to the Magpies, and this is the first time a team has been 2 kicks in front for nearly 20 minutes.

-Fasolo receives a handball on the edge of the 50 and bombs a long one through the big sticks.  Not bad for a guy that has missed two set shots today.

-The half time siren sounds, and it's been a good half at that.  It's a 14 point game to the Magpies.  A great game for a neutral AFL supporter to watch.


-Hogan very nearly kicks a goal while falling near the goal square.  I thought that was in at first glance.

-Twice in one minute have Melbourne made silly mistakes at the back.  A 7 point play makes it 20 points to Collingwood.  Goal goes to Blair.

-Fantastic work with the hands by Melbourne around the half forward line, and almost a good goal as a result.  If only the post wasn't there...

-Gawn creates a turnover on the wing, the ball flies back inside 50 and now Cloke is lining up for his fifth.  He puts it through on a tough angle, and it seems when the ball lands in his hands, there's nothing that Melbourne can do.

-Commentators state that Cloke's personal best is 7.2.  Well on track to beat that today after a quiet second quarter.

-Melbourne play it well with hands through the middle but Brayshaw can't finish it off.

-Fitzpatrick takes a mark over the head of Pendlebury.  He kicks the goal and it's an 18 point ball game.

-Always a good laugh to see an umpire hit the deck.

-Watts with a solid tackle on Varcoe, the ball pops out, and Watts wins the free kick.  He kicks it through and the Melbourne supporters go absolutely ballistic.  A 2 goal game now.

-Brayshaw gets on his left and fires a ball in to Howe, who takes the mark.  Howe kicks his third and this game just keeps getting harder to turn away from.

-Melbourne turns up the heat and Vince is getting a shot to level the scores!  IT'S THROUGH!!!  A level game!!!  Great accuracy from both teams too, 13.4 a piece.

-Pendlebury looks to play on, but it called back to take the set shot.  It lands short, Fitzpatrick tunnels the ball through his legs... and it's a throw!!! Two hands on the ball, that's definitely a throw.  Blair gets the kick, and the 'Pies are ahead by 6.

-Dunn holds Cloke inside the forward 50, an the free kick is given.  That's 6 for Cloke, been rather quiet after the first quarter, but he's still keeping the scoreboard ticking over.

-It's three-quarter time, and this game looks set for a cracker of a last quarter.  Collingwood lead by 12, with Melbourne looking quite dangerous in possession. 


-Cloke goes for another contested mark, but it falls to Broomhead, who snaps a kick for a behind.  That makes it a 3 kick game and a bit harder for Melbourne.

-There are a lot of numbers around the ball-up in the Dee's forward 50.  A few repeat stoppages means it's going to be hard for either team to get it out.

-Two consecutive marks in the defensive 50 for Collingwood shows that no-one seems to want to step up for Melbourne in the forward line.

-This seems to have become a hard-ball game, very fast-moving and not easy to get a clean possession.

-A wasted opportunity from Howe, winning a free kick for a trip about 30 metres out.  He misses, and it's a 13 point margin.

-Swan gets a mark around the 50, wheels around and kicks a behind.  Seems like neither team wants to kick the first goal of this quarter.

-Both Fasolo and Elliot were given far too much room inside the forward 50, and Elliot fires it home half way through the last quarter.  20 points to the Magpies.

-White takes a mark straight from the centre clearance.  He misses, and Melbourne still have a chance.

-Magnificent from Cloke, went for the grab, lost it, and still managed to pick it up and snap it home on his left.  'Pies up by 27.

-Pedersen has a great chance to kick Melbourne's first major of the quarter, but pulls it to the left.  Behind to Pedersen, 26 points to the Magpies.

-McDonald very wasteful in the build-up and puts it out on the full after a mark.  Very disappointing.

-McDonald is lining up for what will be the last kick of the day.  He misses, and there's the final siren.  Collingwood win by 25.

My Man of the Match: Travis Cloke (Nathan Jones a very close second)

Neale Daniher Trophy winner: Travis Cloke

My Summary:  Just a fantastic game between two teams that really wanted to go out hard.  Both teams had their spurts of unanswered goals, but a few misses from Melbourne in the second half cost them in the long run.  7 goals to Cloke will help build his confidence going forward, and he will need that confidence with a rough month coming up.  A thoroughly enjoying game, although Melbourne fell asleep in the last quarter.

Thanks for sticking around, see you next time!

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