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Power vs. Cats LIVE!!!

  • Power vs. Cats LIVE!!!
Welcome to my first proper LIVE coverage of an AFL game, this time being the Power vs. Geelong Cats.

Let's get to it, and be sure to refresh every few minutes for the latest updates.

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-Very quick start  by the Power, unlucky for Wingard to hit the post.

-Good pressure from the Power to keep the ball in the forward 50, Robbie Gray makes the turnover and converts for the first goal of the night.

-Motlop can't control the ball under pressure from Impey, and the ball goes out for a throw-in at the Cats forward pocket.

-The tap over the back from the ruck contest ends in a goal for Geelong.  Power 7, Cats 6.

-Motlop is made to go to the boundary line again, this time the ball strikes his foot and it's out on the full.

-Joel Selwood is heading off with a blood nose.

-Another defensive mistake costs the Cats, this time with Boak plucking the ball out of mid-air and slotting the ball home.  Power 13, Cats 6.

-Gregson has all the space in the world, and takes the mark 25 metres out from goal.  He kicks the goal and it's a 1 point game again.

-The midfields are going in hard at each other and it's making for a good game of footy.

-A bit of Motlop magic intercepts the R. Gray handball, and throwing a boot out, he kicks the goal before the ball even hits the ground.

-Schulz makes a contest where there shouldn't have been one, and takes the mark in the front spot to force the turnover.

-Yet ANOTHER defensive mistake from Geelong, and now Wingard has taken a mark and will line up for goal.  It's a straight kick and the crowd on the Northern Hill go nuts.

-Kersten has been activated as the sub for Geelong, after an injury to Kelly.

-Wingard has a lot of time to choose an option, heads towards Monfries, and he is awarded a free kick for holding.  Monfries plays on quickly and kicks the goal.  Power 25, Geelong 18.

-Schulz tries to pass into the 50 from half forward, but only manages to put it out on the full.

- A solid 90 seconds of contested footy made for some great viewing.

-Johnson elbows Jonas in the back of the head and Port get a free kick.

-Schulz is left by himself in the forward 50 and takes an easy overhead mark.  He lines up and kicks the goal.  Power 31, Geelong 18.

-Johnson rips Jonas away and takes a mark inside the goal square.  It's a goal to the Cats.

-Wingard tries to get his body under the defender and turn on him, but it only winds up as a rushed behind.

-Gray with a karate kick out the air to get his 10th possession for the first quarter.

-Tom Hawkins kicks a goal with his first touch of the night.  Power 32, Geelong 31.

-It's quarter time, and it's one point to the Power.

Credit: Port Adelaide FC Twitter @PAFC


-Geelong move it forward quickly from the first bounce of the quarter, and Kersten reaps the reward with the first goal of the quarter.

-Johnson puts a dangerous ball towards the goal square, but it's intercepted by foot and it's only a behind.  Power 32, Geelong 38.

-Schulz with a great second effort after missing the kick off the ground, laying a hard tackle.

-Selwood going off for a second time with his blood nose.

-Stewart pushes it forward but it only flies out on the full.

-Schulz keeps it in play and slaps it to Ebert, who pops it over the top to Wingard in the goal square.  Wingard kicks the goal and the scores are level at 38 a piece.

-Geelong are afforded too much space through the corridor, Guthrie puts it on the chest of Walker, but he sprays it and it's only a behind.

-Good mark to Lobbe on the defensive wing.

-Sam Gray takes an intercept mark following a rushed kick out of a pack.  It's a behind and scores are level again.

-Kersten wins a foot race within the forward 50, and kicks the goal straight into the umpire.  Power 39, Geelong 45, and second goal this quarter for Kersten.

-Stevie J, Hartlett and Hombsch get into a scuffle, which results in a 50 metre penalty to Westhoff downfield after taking a mark.  He gets a shot from the goal square, fires it home, and it's a level game AGAIN.

-Power have activated their sub, with Matt White limping off with a hamstring injury, and Aaron Young coming on.

-A free kick to Stanley results in another Geelong goal.  Power 45, Geelong 51.

-Johnson and Enright combined well to keep the ball in play on the wing.

-A mark is paid after 2 players handled the same ball, it's passed on quickly and now Caddy has a shot at goal.  He misses and it's 7 points to Geelong.

-Footage is shown of Johnson punching and slapping Hartlett in the face, and the umpire does nothing.

-Half time comes, and it's a fiercely fought contest between two teams that want to break into the top 8.  It's 7 points to the Cats.  Power 45, Geelong 52.

Credit: Port Adelaide FC Twitter @PAFC


-Robbie Gray waits at the back of the pack from a high ball into 50, collects it, spins around and it's the first goal of the quarter.  1 point to the Cats.

-I see on the Geelong FC Twitter that James Kelly has a confirmed ankle injury, hobbling around on crutches.

-A wrestling match in the forward 50 for Port leads to a Geelong free kick against Monfries.

-Motlop tries to break the Westhoff tackle but can't, and it's another inside 50 to the Power.

-Motlop charges into the forward 50, takes a shot and misses.  2 points to Geelong.

-Selwood snaps after a throw-in but it's across the face for a behind.  3 point game.

-Hawkins takes his first mark of the night, but his shot goes more towards the centre circle than the goal square.

-A free kick to Caddy gives Geelong their first major of the quarter.  Geelong by 9.

-Wingard with a fantastic one-handed back going back with the flight of the ball will now have a shot on goal in the pocket.  He snaps with the outside of the left and the Power faithful are going ballistic for Chaddie.

-Rivers takes a great defensive falling mark to deny a scoring opportunity for the Power.

-Stanley goes flying above the pack, had two grabs at it, but couldn't bring it to ground.  Certainly would have been a Mark of the Year contender.

-Guthrie picks up the ball well on the second effort, shrugs a tackle, but can only put it through for a behind.  Power 57, Geelong 61.

-Guthrie receives the ball on the edge of the 50 after a turnover, wheels around and fires it home.  First goal in about 15 minute.  Cats lead by 10 points.

-A scramble down the Power pocket leads to Wingard handballing over top to Westhoff, who dribbles it through from the goal square.  Port 63, Geelong 67.

-Yet another scramble, this time in the Geelong forward line, and Caddy kicks the goal off the ground.  Back to 10 points for Geelong.  This is a great game to watch.

-Motlop finds some free space in the forward 50, slaps it on the boot, and it's the first time there's been consecutive goals for either team since the first quarter.  Port 63, Geelong 79.

-It's three quarter time, and this game can still go either way.  The stage is set for an explosive last quarter, with Geelong only leading by 16.

Credit: Port Adelaide FC Twitter @PAFC


-Attendance: 47, 058

-Rhys Stanley is off for Geelong, icing an injury.

-A big pack gathers as the ball gets towards the Geelong forward line, the ball pops out to Lang and he snaps it for a goal.  22 points to Geelong.

-Motlop uses some individual brilliance to find Stokes about 30 metres out.  He goes back to Motlop, and he fires wide.  Power 63, Cats 86.

-Hawkins takes only his second mark for the night, and he lines up for goal.  He kicks the goal, and it's looking really difficult for the Power to come back from here.

-Wingard scoops it off the floor from just outside 50, bombs it from the paint, once bounce and it's through.  Port 69, Geelong 92.

-Selwood goes off once more for the blood rule.

-Broadbent goes for the snap near the boundary, but he's tackled and it's out on the full.

-Blicavs just copped a decent falcon, wouldn't want to be him right now.

-Geelong win a free kick on the Power goal line to deny Port a score.

-A great chance for Port to break away towards goal, but Ebert's kick goes just over Westhoff's head.

-With less than 3 minutes to go, this is Geelong's game... barring a miracle.

-And that's game.  Geelong running out deserved winners by 23 points.  Port 69, Geelong 92.

(No full time stats image at this stage)

My Man of the Match: Corey Enright

Summary:  Geelong deserved to win this game, they were a lot more composed on the ball when Port began to run out of legs.  Port started quickly, but couldn't keep it up for four quarters.  I really wanted to pick Cameron Guthrie for Man of the Match, but Enright was far too spectacular in his 299th game.  The season's far from over, and I wouldn't be surprised if these teams came across each other again in September.  I just hope they can bring the same intensity they did today, that late in the season.

If you've managed to hang around for the whole live coverage, THANK YOU!!!  If you're reading this after I've finished, THANK YOU TOO!!!  It's good to know that I've got people that enjoy my opinions out there, and I hope you stick around for the next game I cover.

Have a good night, see you next time!

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