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Round 9: Demons vs Power - Live Quarter by Quarter

  • Round 9: Demons vs Power - Live Quarter by Quarter
Originally created on Port Adelaide Power by Jamie Baker.

(Author's note: This post is now a couple of weeks old, just re-publishing onto my blog rather than just the Page of Power.)

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My name is Jamie Baker, and I will be posting my thoughts, quarter by quarter, for the Round 9 match between the Melbourne Demons and Port Adelaide Power.


Congratulations to Angus Monfries on his 200th game, and his 50th for the Power.  Been a great small forward for years, and hope he has a few more left in the tank.


Let's get right to it.  I started writing at quarter time, so that will only be a summary, now I'll be making notes live in bullet point form as I go on. (Edit: This wound up being a 1000+ word post, i you want to skip to my Summary and Man of the Match, I wouldn't blame you. Also, while typing I see I have bullet points.  Upon inspecting the Preview, it seems that the bullet points don't appear, so if it seems clustered, I apolgize.)



Disappointing from the Power, but good intensity shown by both sides.  Melbourne managed to push forward much better than we did, and somehow managed to get way too much free space to do so.  The free kick against Schulz when Stewart kicked the goal confused me a little bit, I didn't know a free kick could be given outside the field of play.  Great work at the back by Hombsch, he's growing more and more as a top defender every single game.  Very nearly two weeks in a row with a goalless first quarter, thankfully Schulzy made amends for his previous error.



  • Quickfire start to the second, with goals at both ends within 1 minute. 
  • Garlett almost seems untouchable today.  Two goals in 1 minute to the former Blue, showing his pace to beat our defenders comfortably. 
  • Westhoff HAS to stop putting both hands in the opposition's back, that's the second time today.  Using one hand, you might get away with it, but with two hands, you're going to get pinged every time. 
  • Impey had plenty of time to run there, didn't have to pass to a contest. 
  • After what I said last week about keeping a small forward with Schulz, I've noticed most of our small forwards are around the wing/half back area.  Shame Kenny Hinkley doesn't read my posts! 
  • Good mark to Westhoff, about time he got front spot in a marking contest. 
  • Not very often you see Wingard kick it with his right, but it paid off this time.  Shame White's kick for goal couldn't match the work to get it to him. 
  • 3 unanswered goals have put us back into the game, but we have to keep pushing. 
  • Two or three of these goals have been from free kicks, and we're not going to get them all day, so we have to be cleaner going forward. 
  • A good clearance, good control, and a fantastic falling mark to Schulz.  That's five in a row to Port, and we're starting to look like the team we were last year. 
  • Westhoff worked hard around the pack, and a dribble kick makes it six in a row now.
  • The half time siren blows, and Port have the lead with a dominant ten to 15 minutes, the scores now Melbourne 38, Power 52.


  • A tough opening couple of minutes, neither team really getting an advantage.
  • Melbourne kicked forward to their wing, but because of the pressure we're putting on their defense, they had no-one to kick to.
  • Good clearance from inside defensive 50, Melbourne turn it over and bomb it back in, and Hombsch stands tall again on the last line of defense.
  • Unlucky not to score with that inside 50, we had the numbers but Melbourne pressured us well.
  • Ollie Wines looks like he's out on his feet, barely jogging.  Wouldn't be surprised if he's the one that's subbed off.
  • Vince with a poor shot at goal, always good to see a Crow screw the pooch.
  • Surprised Monfries wasn't given holding the man there, and it becomes a shot at goal for Melbourne. Only a behind, and with ten minutes to go, there still hasn't been a major in this quarter.
  • Now Monfries cops a solid hand in the back, still no free kick, and it results in an easy run-in goal to the Demons. 8 point ball game.
  • From centre circle to goal, Port only needed about 15 seconds.  Clean clearance from R. Gray, loose ball inside 50, Wingard picks it up and dribbles it home.
  • Good tackling by Pittard to stop Melbourne streaming forward.
  • A good clearance by Ebert results in another inside 50, and from a ball-up, a goal to R. Gray.
  • Robbie with another score involvement with a clever handball to Stewart, that makes nine of the last ten goals to the Power.
  • The Demons must feel like they're in Hell right now, they're bleeding goals and the Power are surging forward consistently.
  • Good mark from Westhoff on the goal line, a big bomb from outside 50, we couldn't have done much about that if he wasn't there.
  • We're working well at ground level, with Broadbent and Carlisle highlights of that in the last couple of minutes.
  • The three quarter time siren goes, and it's been another great one for the Power.  Melbourne 45, Power 78.


  • Slow start to the quarter.  Near goal for the Dee's, but the Power are controlling the pace.
  • Horrible kick from S. Gray, difficult on the run but could have got it to the top of the square.
  • Good crumbing from the small forwards, and Schulz kicks his fourth.
  • R. Gray with a beautiful kick over the top onto White, and he drills it home from just inside the 50.
  • Wines with a good clearance straight onto Monfries' chest, he puts it between the big sticks to continue our dominance.  Short of the first quarter, we've been fantastic.
  • That was unlucky for Hogan, was in a good spot and Melbourne worked hard to get it to him.  Deserved a goal, but you have to take the mark first.
  • Poor defending from Port at the top of the goal square, Hinkley didn't look too happy about that one.
  • Once again, a quick answer after the Demons score, Krakouer with a good 45 metre goal after a clean clearance.
  • Demons threatened to go inside 50, but it gets turned over and R. Gray puts it on Schulz's chest, only to hit the post from the set shot.
  • Ebert with a goal, a reward for some solid work inside the centre square.
  • Melbourne seem to be struggling to keep possession once they do get into their forward 50, the same issue I had with the Power last week.  Melbourne is getting there, but not hitting the scoreboard from it.
  • Westhoff cutting off the pass inside 50, playing as the extra man at the back.
  • ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE kick from Stewart, R. Gray setting him up with an easy shot from 35 metres, only to kick it out on the full with nearly no angle on the shot to talk about.  A complete shank.
  • Hartlett winning a free kick, and walking very slowly back, looking quite tired, but still manages to slot it home.
  • Final siren goes, and it's a convincing 61 point win to the Power.  Melbourne 54, Power 115.



Minus the first quarter, the Power looked to be at their absolute best today.  Melbourne had very few highlights, which I would've been more than willing to write about, but the Power absolutely dominated once the second quarter began.  Had Melbourne kept their first quarter intensity for the whole game, Port may have been in a world of trouble.  Port dominated the centre clearances, nearly every time hitting a target in the forward 50 as a result.  A great improvement on last week, and hopefully we can keep this gameplay going forward.  Worked extremely well today, and should work against anyone we come up against.


My Man Of The Match: Robbie Gray


Thanks for sticking around this long, and I'll see you all on the next post.

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