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Adelaide Crows vs. Hawthorn Hawks LIVE COVERAGE

  • Adelaide Crows vs. Hawthorn Hawks LIVE COVERAGE

Hello again everyone, and welcome to my Round 12 coverage of the AFL game between the Adelaide Crows and Hawthorn Hawks, at Adelaide Oval.

Join me at 7:50 AEST for live comments and images from the game, plus my Man of the Match and Game Summary at the end.

Press Refresh (or F5) every few minutes for the latest updates.

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Before I begin, I would like to make it known that I am a Port Power fan, so I will do my best to get all player names right.

And off we go!

Hawthorn has won the toss and will kick to the Northern end.


-GOAL: Burgoyne is left unmarked inside forward 50 and takes a comfortable chest grab.  He lines up and kicks the goal, just over a minute into the game.

-GOAL:  A few good handballs inside 50 for the Crows, the ball ends in Douglas' hands, and he snaps the goal.

-GOAL:  Walker holds off Frawley about 35 metres out and takes the mark.  He kicks the goal, and that's 3 goals in only two and a half minutes of game time.

-GOAL:  A loose ball gets swooped on by Duryea, and he snaps from 45 metres, it flies through the big sticks.  Two goals a piece.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  Schoenmakers takes a mark inside 50, but the ball goes horribly off the outside of the boot, and it's a free kick to Adelaide.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  Lewis takes a mark right on the 50, and he immediately looks for the hand-off.  He can't find an option, and his shot at goal goes out.

-Rioli flies over the pack, but just can't bring the ball down for some Cyril magic.

-BEHIND:  Puopolo gets a good run inside forward 50, his kick looks good but it hooks onto the post.  1 point to the Hawks.

-GOAL:  Hill afforded far too much space in the pocket, he drills it through.  Adelaide 12, Hawthorn 19.

-9 out of the last 10 inside 50's have gone to the Hawks.

-BEHIND:  Suckling shoots out of a pack on his non-preferred right foot, it flies through for a behind.

-GOAL:  Rioli centres it from the pocket, Smith picks it up, fakes the pass, and puts it between the big sticks.  Adelaide 12, Hawthorn 26.

-GOAL:  Puopolo has about 40 metres to himself, runs in and finishes it off.  After a close start, this has been all Hawks.

-GOAL:  Walker is unselfish from the pocket and passes to Douglas about 25 metres out.  He kicks the goal to stop the flow of the Hawks scoreboard pressure.  Adelaide 18, Hawthorn 32.

-BEHIND:  Dangerfield makes his own space only 20 metres out from goal, he snaps but it's only a point.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  A horrible defensive kick-in means the Crows are going to send the ball straight back inside 50.

-GOAL:  An ugly kick off the boot from Talia gets some massive swing, and the Crows are starting to respond.  Adelaide 25, Hawks 32.

-GOAL:  Quick hands from the Hawthorn forwards results in a goal for Shiels.

-It's quarter time, and the Hawks lead by 13 in a solid first quarter.  Adelaide 25, Hawthorn 38.


-GOAL: Hale breaks through a pack in the forward 50 and bounces the ball through the goal after only 18 seconds.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  After a mark in the Hawks goal square, the Crows kick out... and by out, I mean on the full.

-A few repeat stoppages inside the Crows forward 50, and it's hard for either team to get it out.

-BEHIND:  Jenkins goes for a mark on the goal line, but he can't hold it, it goes through for a rushed behind.

-There are some real big hits out there tonight, with both Betts and Douglas going to ground in the last couple of minutes.

-BEHIND:  The Crows are forced to push the ball over the Hawks goal line, after some great offensive pressure.  Adelaide 26, Hawthorn 45.

-GOAL:  Betts handballs to Lynch, he throws it straight on the boot, and it's a goal.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  Hodge receives a handball and bombs one from outside 50, he misses everything.

-CYRIL!!! Magically keeps it in and hits a target inside forward 50.

-BEHIND:  Suckling launches one from outside 50, it looks good to start with, but swings away.

-GOAL:  Suckling gets another effort from much closer, snaps, and he atones for his miss.  Adelaide 32, Hawthorn 52.

-BEHIND:  Rioli works hard to find space and take the mark inside 50.  He swings the ball across the face for a minor.

-GOAL:  Breust stays down in a marking contest, the ball flies over the back, and it leaves him with an open run to goal.  Adelaide 32, Hawthorn 59.

-GOAL:  Wright takes an impossible checkside shot and he nails it!

-Walker is down behind play, slow to get to his feet.  It was Walker going for the shepard on Mitchell, and he hurt himself.  Looks like a corked thigh from Mitchell's knee.

-GOAL:  Charlie Cameron receives a handball over the top, runs a few steps and fires it home.  15 point ball game.

-Walker has come off the ground for some treatment.

-A fair bit of pushing and pulling between the two teams, a lot of shirts being held on to.

-Dangerfield goes over the top for a mark, but he doesn't get a hand on it, and he gives away a free kick.

-BEHIND:  A rushed behind on the half-time siren makes it a 16 point game at the major break.  Adelaide 44, Hawthorn 60.

What do you think of the game so far?  Are Hawthorn being a bit wasteful in front of goal?  Are Adelaide doing well despite a lack of possession?  Leave a comment!


-BEHIND:  A quick break from the centre ends in a Jacobs shot, which flies just wide.

-GOAL:  A goal line scramble, Cameron gets the shot away, it goes to video review.  It shows Gibson didn't get a hand to it, it's Cameron's second of the night.

-BEHIND:  Laird has a run, puts it on the boot, but it hits the post.  Crows are coming hard in the third quarter.  Adelaide 52, Hawthorn 60.

-GOAL:  Breust makes space in the forward 50 and takes the mark.  It's the first major in this half for the Hawks.

-BEHIND:  Betts does well to give it off to Ellis-Yolmen, but his kick is poor.

-BEHIND:  Jenkins takes a solid mark over the top, but his shot goes across the face.  Adelaide 54, Hawks 66

-GOAL:  A few good handballs and taps out the air, puts it in Cameron's hands, he's unselfish, gives it to Betts, and he slams it home from the goal square.

-BEHIND:  Jacobs turns, snaps, and misses.  Crows 61, Hawks 66.

-GOAL:  Laird runs into open space in the forward 50, and drills the ball through the big sticks.  Crows lead by a point, first time they've had the lead since early in the first quarter.

-GOAL:  Puopolo hugs the boundary, handballs to Ceglar in the goal square, who kicks the goal under pressure.  Tight game in the third quarter, this can go either way.

-GOAL:  A very quick reply from the Crows, take it straight out of the centre, it lands with Dangerfield, who powers it home on the run from the 50 metre paint.  Adelaide 73, Hawthorn 72.

-GOAL:  ANOTHER quick reply, this time Hale smashing it from the 50 metre arc.  GAME ON!!!

-BEHIND:  Roughead makes his own room, looks up and takes the shot.  Looks good, but hits the post.

-OUT ON THE FULL:  Dangerfield has time to line it up on the wing, but he picks out a supporter in the front row.

-GOAL:  Hodge hits one from 50 off one step, and the goal umpire doesn't move.  Adelaide 73, Hawthorn 85.

-A big fly by Cheney!

-BEHIND: Hill takes a shot, but fires wide.

-BEHIND:  Smith tries to get himself a bit closer, but his shot misses to the near side.

-It's three-quarter-time, and the Hawks are up, but the Crows are really bringing it to them.  Adelaide 73, Hawthorn 87.  Keep your opinions and feedback coming!!!


-The new ducking rule has come in twice tonight, and Cameron will get the shot at goal.

-BEHIND:  The umpire delays the kick for a while, and Cameron doesn't make the most of his time to settle.

-GOAL:  Gibson does well to get it to Smith.  He goes back, lines up, and it's through.

-Attendance is 50,023.

-GOAL:  Typical Cyril.  Crumber his own dropped mark, and snaps the goal from about 40 metres out.  Adelaide 74, Hawthorn 99.

-GOAL:  A second in quick succession, Breust bouncing another goal through.  31 points to the Hawks.

-BEHIND:  A shank from a set shot ends up in a rushed behind to the Crows.

-BEHIND:  Jenkins gets a set shot from outside 50, it falls short and gets knocked over for a rushed behind.

-GOAL:  Hill gathers the ball on the wing, and runs about 75 metres before handballing to the quicker Hartung, who boots the goal right on the line.  Adelaide 76, Hawthorn 111.

-BEHIND:  Cyril almost did it again, hung in the air for ages in the goal square, but couldn't take the mark.  It runs over the goal line for a rushed behind.

-BEHIND:  Rushed behind to Hawthorn, after a high ball towards the goal square.

-With just over 6 minutes to go, and a 36 point scoreline, it looks like the Hawks will ruin Adelaide's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

-BEHIND:  Shiels is caught in two minds, and fires the ball across the face.  Adelaide 77, Hawthorn 114.

-GOAL:  Jenkins takes a good contested mark just outside the goal square.  He lines up and kicks it, though it's just a consolation prize for the Crows right now.

-BEHIND:  Dangerfield takes a good mark to get a shot at his second.  He drags it wide, and that should be about it.

-The final siren sounds, and the Hawks walk out comfortable winners after a nervy third quarter.  Adelaide 85, Hawthorn 114.

My Man of the Match: David Hale

Match Summary:  The fourth quarter from Hawthorn completely killed off this game.  After Adelaide's third quarter, I thought that we'd be in for a cracker of a last.  Hawthorn came out and made their intention for the win known, and Hale's 2 goals and 22 hit outs made him an integral part of the squad today.  Honourable mentions to Patrick Dangerfield, Cyril Rioli, and Bradley Hill.

Thanks for sticking around, what did you think of tonight's game?  Leave a comment below to keep the chat going, and for more of my work, keep an eye out on my blog at

Until next time!

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